Quiet Hum Theatre sprang up recently to produce a new podplay in the esteemed tradition of Neworld Theatre.  Ours is running October 21st to December 30th, 2011.

A podplay is a mobile audio play – something you download to your ipod or cell phone, and listen to as it guides you through a specific space.  Many of Neworld Theatre’s podplays have taken place outside.  Quiet Hum’s is set in Chalmers heritage building at 12th and Hemlock, Vancouver.  (You may also know it as the home of our wonderful friends and sponsors at Pacific Theatre, and of the historically rich Holy Trinity Anglican Church – also kind sponsors of this event).

Once tuned in, the narration guides you through the building’s many rooms, shifting between decades as intimate conversations unfold from the past century. It is an opportunity for many things: to give exposure to about 18 local artists with a brand new script by Joel Stephanson, and to explore many compelling themes: space, local history, community, loneliness, addiction, and even mass media.  Come and eavesdrop on the past through this captivating soundscape of the 20th-century.


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