Hello Friends;

Now that CORRIDORS is up and running, here are some patron comments we’ve been very encouraged to receive.  Please keep them coming; positive, negative or other!

“I’ll never look at [the building] the same way again […]  I don’t usually keep ruminating about plays once they’re over…”

“I felt like the people were in the room with me.”

“From the first words we heard when the headsets were in place, the gentle and yet clear directions to help us around the building, and the great variety of voice and music, created for me a very strong sense of “layering” ~ in which I felt I was walking in the midst of a community of thousands of people who have been in that building before, wondering and musing on all the varied experiences there.”

“[The play reminds] me of the intricate and complex web of relationships we live in, and of the power of individual human experience as a lens through which history tells its multi-faceted stories.”

Image by Grant Cochrane/FreeDigitalPhotos.net