Get your tickets for this podplay through Pacific Theatre at 604-731-5518 or

Uh, but wait – what’s a “podplay”?   

Essentially, it’s a mobile audio play – something you download to your ipod or cell phone (or borrow a spare from us), and listen as it guides you through a specific space.  CORRIDORS is set in Chalmers Heritage Building at 12th and Hemlock, Vancouver.  You may also know it as the home of Pacific Theatre, and Holy Trinity Anglican Church.

The podplay runs most Friday afternoons between October 21 – December 30, before Pacific Theatre’s mainstage show on those nights.  Groups will depart every few minutes between 4-6pm.  The whole thing lasts about an hour.

Once tuned in, the narration guides you through the building’s many rooms.  As you walk, you will overhear re-imagined conversations from the past century, supported by a soundtrack evoking many different themes: space, local history, community, loneliness, addiction, and even mass media.  But under all of this cacophany, this “static and atmosphere,” a story unfolds about a man’s troubled search for goodness and love in the 20th century.

Please join us for this exciting presentation.

If you have any questions about this unusual form of story-telling, please get in touch and ask!  We’re best reached at