Attending CORRIDORS // a podplay – all the info you need!


Get your tickets for this podplay through Pacific Theatre at 604-731-5518 or

Uh, but wait – what’s a “podplay”?   

Essentially, it’s a mobile audio play – something you download to your ipod or cell phone (or borrow a spare from us), and listen as it guides you through a specific space.  CORRIDORS is set in Chalmers Heritage Building at 12th and Hemlock, Vancouver.  You may also know it as the home of Pacific Theatre, and Holy Trinity Anglican Church.

The podplay runs most Friday afternoons between October 21 – December 30, before Pacific Theatre’s mainstage show on those nights.  Groups will depart every few minutes between 4-6pm.  The whole thing lasts about an hour.

Once tuned in, the narration guides you through the building’s many rooms.  As you walk, you will overhear re-imagined conversations from the past century, supported by a soundtrack evoking many different themes: space, local history, community, loneliness, addiction, and even mass media.  But under all of this cacophany, this “static and atmosphere,” a story unfolds about a man’s troubled search for goodness and love in the 20th century.

Please join us for this exciting presentation.

If you have any questions about this unusual form of story-telling, please get in touch and ask!  We’re best reached at


Patron Comments

Hello Friends;

Now that CORRIDORS is up and running, here are some patron comments we’ve been very encouraged to receive.  Please keep them coming; positive, negative or other!

“I’ll never look at [the building] the same way again […]  I don’t usually keep ruminating about plays once they’re over…”

“I felt like the people were in the room with me.”

“From the first words we heard when the headsets were in place, the gentle and yet clear directions to help us around the building, and the great variety of voice and music, created for me a very strong sense of “layering” ~ in which I felt I was walking in the midst of a community of thousands of people who have been in that building before, wondering and musing on all the varied experiences there.”

“[The play reminds] me of the intricate and complex web of relationships we live in, and of the power of individual human experience as a lens through which history tells its multi-faceted stories.”

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Cast Announced!

Featuring Ron Reed, Fred Galloway, Sharon Crandall, Claire Lindsay, John Voth, Mishelle Cuttler, Janet Glassford, Mack Gordon, Jesse DeCoste, Jon Hollis-Franks, Joshua McFaul, David Newham, Andrew Cohen, Shalyn McFaul, Frank Nickel & Joel Stephanson.

Contains mild language // mature themes // awesome music.

Dates announced for CORRIDORS // a podplay


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It’s a Friday afternoon in the fall.  Unlike me, you have a real job.  But much like me, you don’t get any work done on Friday afternoons anyway.  And so, you think to yourself, how can I transcend week-ending doldrums?  How can I move out of this mopey cubicle and into something altogether different?

Ladies and Gentleman, we hope here to devise a cure for what ails you – something you can take in after work but before dinner – or after dinner but before the mainstage show at Pacific Theatre:

CORRIDORS // a podplay
This walking tour & radio play departs every few minutes between 4-6pm, and runs for about an hour.  It will occur on the following Friday afternoon/evenings:

October 21, 28
November 4, 11 (before Re:Union)
December 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 (before A Christmas Carol)

Tickets onsale soon through or by calling 604-731-5518.

**The final podplay tour will leave no later than 6pm on each Friday.  Arrive early to ensure your place.!

UPDATE: tickets now onsale!  Visit

Audition Posting

CORRIDORS // a podplay (a mobile radio play/tour in the style of Neworld Theatre)

Company: Quiet Hum Theatre Co.
Playwright/Director: Joel Stephanson
Production Dates: Recording in early/mid-September
Audition Dates:  Afternoons of August  29th & 30th
Audition Address: by appointment at Pacific Theatre, 1440 West 12th Ave (at Hemlock)

– 1 woman (Katherine) to play many different ages; strong singing skills: a good church-choir soloist voice that is described as especially passionate
– 1 male, age 30-60 to play young and old versions of himself
– approximately 15 other small and medium sized roles – we are especially in need of men.

Notes: Actors are asked to bring a 1 to 2 minute 20th-century monologue.  We may also ask for a cold read.  Those auditioning for Katherine are also asked to sing about 30 seconds of an unaccompanied song.

Inspired by local history, this play follows a century in the life of a Vancouver heritage building.  Patrons will download the play onto their iPods, cell phones, etc, and follow the narration through various rooms to overhear conversations and music from past decades.

Remuneration: We regret being unable to offer this.  That said, CAEA members are certainly welcome if interested, as this does not fall under CAEA jurisdiction.  Members of other unions will need to verify that they are permitted to take part.

Contact: Please send resumes and photos to Joel at, by August 29th.  If you have any voice or acting samples online, please provide a link.

There may be some down time if it becomes necessary to mix and match readers at the audition – your patience is appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your interest!

Is this thing on?

Welcome to Quiet Hum Theatre.  I came this close to going ahead and registering my own domain, but decided I’d rather spend the $17 on slurpees.

Thank you for reading this!  Quiet Hum Theatre is another tiny theatre company that sprang up about 2-and-a-quarter weeks ago for the purpose of producing a podplay in the style of Neworld Theatre.

Set in a Vancouver, BC heritage building, this podplay is essentially a mobile audio play.  Listeners download the play onto their iPod or cell phone, come to the specified location, and… press… play.  The narration guides patrons through many different rooms and decades, letting them eavesdrop on intimate conversations from the past.  Oh, and there’s music too!

This thing is in process now.  Opens September 30.  Stay tuned!